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Shades of Thoughts by Sujit Bose

SujitThis book contains four kinds of thoughts; two historical, one philosophical, one related to critical theory. The analyses of Scott’s The Surgeon’s Daughter and the year 1835 in the history of India constitute a Shade of Thought, analysed in the chapter on othappu. A new shade of thought is essayed in the book – the concepts, primary reader and the secondary reader.

Varia by Sujit Bose

81-7211-301-3 (F)The book, Varia, contains an assorted fare; an assay on the raisan d’etre of creative literature, On essay on the folk tales of the Mundan, two essays on the Indo-Anglian writer, Michael Madhusudan Datts an essays on the Nigerian poet, Gabriel Okara. The two essays Michael Madhusudan Datta open up new crease in Michael criticism. The essays on Australian poetry may be considered from the postcolonial angle. It traces the growth of the Australian in Australian poetry.



Bibliography Details
ISBN No. : 81-7211-301-3
Publisher Name : Northern Book Centre
Publishing Year : 2012
Book Size : 14 x 22 cm
Book Page : x + 78 = 88
Book Weight : 250 gms

Flowers of the Soul by Sujit Bose

81-7211-268-8 (F)The author believes that, will the advancement in scientific activities, the emotional aspect of human nature has last its importance. The short stories contained in Flowers of the Soul uphold this emotional aspect of Human nature. Some Stories contained in Flowers the Soul are each an analysis of one aspect of human nature; pride, ambition, pessimism, jealousy, among others. Some stories contained in Flowers of the Soul, analyse conditions like; insanity, poverty, childleness.

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ISBN No. : 81-7211-268-8
Publisher Name : Northern Book Centre
Publishing Year : 2009
Book Size : 22 × 14 cm.
Book Page : x + 78
Book Weight : 275 gms.

Michael : His English Literature by Sujit Bose

81-7211-221-1 (F)Despite being neglected, the English literature produced by Michael Madhusudan Datta, a well-known Bengal : poet, of the nineteenth century, is worth serious attention. The book opens with a critical biography of Michael, analyses the different aspects of the English literature produced by Michael. By analysing the English literature produced by Michael, the author has opened up on entirely new area in Michael critism. The author has brought Michael’s English literature, out of the darkness of neglect.

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ISBN No. : 81-7211-221-1
Publisher Name : Northern Book Centre
Publishing Year : 2007
Book Size : 22 × 16 cm.
Book Page : viii + 64

Essays on Anglo-Indian Literature by Sujit Bose

81-7211-174-6 (F)The book presents facets of Anglo-Indian Literature, poetry and prose. It contains the analysis of such specimens of Anglo-Indian Literature as; the Journal of Bishop Regional Heber, the navel, The Near and the Far, a tetralogy of Myers. The essay on Anglo-Indian poetry and prose are Literary-social-historical. The essay on Heber’s Journal analyses, the Anglo-Indian attitude to India in the early nineteenth Century.

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ISBN No. : 81-7211-174-6
Publisher Name : Northern Book Centre
Publishing Year : 2004
Book Size : 22 × 14 cm.
Book Page : viii + 104
Book Weight : 269 gms.

सांसारिक व्यवहार और लोक व्यवहार


नारायण पण्डित विरचित हितोपदेश एक ऐसा अमूल्य नीति ग्रन्थ है‌‌ जिसको पढ़कर मनुष्य भली प्रकार सांसारिक व्यवहार को जान लेता है और लोक व्यवहार में कुशल-निपुण होने से अपने दैनिक जीवन मैं किसी भी प्रकार से धोखा नहीं खाता तथा पथभ्रष्ट नहीं होता।

ISBN No. : 978-81-8054-720-1
Book Name : हितोपदेश (Hitopadesh)
Author/s name/s : Aggarwal Usha ऊषा अग्रवाल
Publishing Year : 2002
Book Price (Printed) :  INR 20
Book Size : 14 x 22 cms.
Book Page : 36
Book Weight : 55 gms.
Publisher : Sultan Chand Draupti Devi Education Foundation