Patterns of Agricultural Development in Madhya Pradesh by C.K. Jain


Patterns of Agricultural Development in Madhya Pradesh embodies relevant information about natural environment of agricultural relevance, the developed water resources, the cultural constraints and adoption of farm technology as influencing agricultural land use, cropping pattern, intensity of cropping and agricultural productivity and finally the levels of agricultural development. Evaluation and analysis of spatial agricultural development has been the objective of this book. It has tried to incorporate the current usage of word “development” in this agricultural study, by defining agricultural development in terms of economic gains in yields, social justice it delivers and ecological balance it maintains.

Presuming vital significance of agricultural development for rural development following points have been particularly emphasized.

  1. To analyse spatial variation in levels of agricultrural development in the context of physio-socio-economic environment.
  2. Critical analysis of the spatial and temporal changes in agricultural efficiency in the post-Independence period.
  3. Evaluation of the changes in area and yield of crops so as to explain the trend of efficiency.
  4. Evaluation of the relationships of use of important yield-raising inputs with the agricultural productivity on one hand and with the socio-economic conditions on the other.

ISBN No. : 81-85119-41-4
Publisher Name : Northern Book Centre
Publishing Year : 1988
Book Size : 25 × 16 cms.
Book Page : xiv + 168 + 28 Pl.

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