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Varia by Sujit Bose

81-7211-301-3 (F)The book, Varia, contains an assorted fare; an assay on the raisan d’etre of creative literature, On essay on the folk tales of the Mundan, two essays on the Indo-Anglian writer, Michael Madhusudan Datts an essays on the Nigerian poet, Gabriel Okara. The two essays Michael Madhusudan Datta open up new crease in Michael criticism. The essays on Australian poetry may be considered from the postcolonial angle. It traces the growth of the Australian in Australian poetry.



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ISBN No. : 81-7211-301-3
Publisher Name : Northern Book Centre
Publishing Year : 2012
Book Size : 14 x 22 cm
Book Page : x + 78 = 88
Book Weight : 250 gms